Azure Pack–Migration of Services from Subscription to Subscription

Recently i had to migrate all VMs and vNets from one Owner to a new Owner. So i hab to move all Services from the Source Subscription to a new one.

Here is the script i used for that:

$vmmserver = Get-SCVMMServer -ComputerName roxvmm -ForOnBehalfOf 
$vmmserver  | ft name,ActiveVMMNode, ForOnBehalfOf, UserRole -AutoSize

$cloud = Get-SCCloud | where {$_.Name -eq "Tenant Cloud Gold"}

#---------------- hier wird die Quelle definiert ----------------------------------
$subscriptionID = '25ea083d-04bf-459a-855d-caea72ea5078'

#---------------- hier wird das Ziel definiert ----------------------------------
$subscriptionID_Destination = '3258e51a-ba2e-4b9d-9d74-5b10a9dd3d29'
$owner_Destination = ''

$userRole_Destination = Get-SCUserRole | ? { $_.Name  -like "*$subscriptionID_Destination" }
$userRole_Destination | ft Name, ID, profile -AutoSize

So the Source and Destination variables are set.
Here is the Magic Login to the VMM:

#---------------- which VMs are in that subscription --------------------------
$VMs = Get-SCVirtualMachine -Cloud $cloud | ? { $_.UserRole -like "*$subscriptionID" }
$VMs | ft name, cloudvmrolename, owner, selfserviceuserrole,UserRole  -AutoSize

Set vNet Ownership:

# get all vNets the user owns
$vNets = Get-SCVMNetwork | ? { $_.UserRole -like "*$subscriptionID" }
$vNets | ft name -AutoSize

# lets roll over all vNets in the array
$vNets | foreach {
    Set-SCVMNetwork -VMNetwork $_ -Owner $owner_Destination -UserRole $userRole_Destination

So vNet Ownership is set, now let’s do the Cloud Services and the VMs itself:

# lets roll over all VMs in the array
$VMs | foreach { 
    # we asume that it is a cloud service, so cloud service MUST change first
    $cloudservice = Get-CloudService -Name $_.CloudVmRoleName
    Set-CloudService $cloudservice -Owner $owner_Destination -UserRole $userRole_Destination  
    # now just set new owner and role ;)
    Set-SCVirtualMachine $_ -Cloud $Cloud -Owner $owner_Destination -UserRole $userRole_Destination 
# done ;)

I am running Azure Pack RU10 fully patched!

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