Azure Stack TP2 deployment tasks

To the whole team of Azure Stack –> Good job.

Today, I deployed the TP2 version of Azure Stack.

If you are used to it, it is a very simple deployment for now.

  1. Download and Extract the Sources, in the end it is the CloudBuilder.vhdx
  2. Copy it the your destination Host which satisfies the requiered Hardware Specs
  3. Invoke the first Script – C:\tp2\PrepareBootFromVHD.ps1
  4. Host reboots, blabla
  5. Invoke the first Script – C:\CloudDeployment\Configuration\InstallAzureStackPOC.ps1
  6. Your are asked for Admin Password AND AAD-Admin Password.
  7. After a while (aprx. 2-3 hours) later
  8. DONE Winking smile
  9. Login to your MAS-CON1 VM, which is the Admin Console and start the Browser to http://portal.azurestack.local


Some fine tuning:

  1. I gave my MAS-CON1 more Memory (my host has 256Gb RAM), which is possible within WinSrv2016 by just setting the new value while the VM is running Winking smile 2048Mb to 4096Mb…
  2. In the VM MAS-CON1 i had to disable IE Security, to be able opening the Azure Stack Portal Winking smile


Next step, deploying the new PaaS Services to Azure Stack TP2 renew!

Second step: Publish the Portal to public Network – here


All fine!