As a CSP Tier 1…

As a CSP Tier 1 Provider you will need some Tools and some Information how to handle customer requests. I will write down some useful Links and Information, I personally use day by day… We use many scripts for the billing process, to convert monthly reconciliation file to our billing system. All information is included but customers are asking for more! They are use to get information on a daily base statment, so we had to do some work.

For that you can use the very new Cloudyn Management Tool, but it has many restrictions i. e. no CSP and EA in the same tenant ;( So we had the “old” path to publish data with Power BI. It is working, but to do all automatically i.e. a new customer is provisioned the BI Dashboard and rights management had to be done manually.

We got a nice hint from Robert that there is a open source Solution from Microsoft on Github to aggregate all Programs and present the info a ONE Power Bi Dashboard. The solution is called PEEK and we want to have a great look at it very soon!


Customer Insights:

Partner CenterDocs

Cloudyn – Azure Cost Management

Partner Center Analytics app for Power BI



CSP Powershell Module

Partner Center Explorer on GitHub

Peek – Azure Usage/Billing Analytics Solution for EAs, CSPs and Direct Subscriptions

Samples Scripts for Hybrid Management


Migration of Workload:

Azure Subscription Migration

Azure Migration from EA to CSP

Azure Migration from PAYG to CSP


stay tuned, i will publish my script on my github-repo