Got the MVP Award for the 3rd time!

As i make my work every day. It is always in connection to the portfolio of Microsoft. So working with Microsoft is a really good thing and makes me happy every day.
BUT getting an award for something I do every day makes me even more happy 😉

So, I am very please to receive the MVP Award for the 3rd time.

Topics you can ask me about:

  • Microsoft Azure 😉
  • Microsoft Azure AD, PIM, Conditional Access… this is the base
  • Microsoft IoT Stack – IoT Central, Azure Functions, Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics
  • Hosting IoT workload in Docker – i.e. Grafana, MySQL, mosquitto, node-red, lets’encrypt
  • Hosting Hybrid Workload on Azure Stack HCI, Hub and Azure Stack Edge
  • Making Firmware out of Azure Sphere, Tasmota
  • Middleware in industry – Node-Red, MQTT Broker – all that stuff
  • Connecting OPC-UA, S7, IO-Link, modbusRTU, modbusTCP

As the picture says – it is fun to work with people who wants to share knowledge.

We did a “Experts Live Austria” conference fully digital in January ’21 and planning the first InPerson conference after summerbreak at the 3rd of September 2021!! So come to us

stay tuned…