Got the MVP Award again!

Each year, Microsoft presents its largest technical award to people who take the Microsoft Cloud and all aspects of it to the world. Its called Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP).
I was able to receive this award for the 4th time this year!

The MVP Award is the most valuable trophy you can get in the world of Microsoft.

Thanks a lot!

Happy Stefan 😉

Topics you can still ask me about:

  • Microsoft Azure Infrastructur – IaaS, PaaS 😉
  • Hosting Hybrid Workload on top of Azure Stack HCI
  • Managing Hybrid Workloads mit Azure Arc
  • Connecting Azure Workload with VPN, vWAN and BGP dual-homed
  • Microsoft Azure AD, PIM, Conditional Access… this is the base
  • Hosting IoT workloads in IoT Edge, Docker, ACI – i.e. Grafana, MySQL, mosquitto, node-red, lets’encrypt, nginx, …
  • Microsoft IoT Stack – IoT Central, Azure Functions, Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics
  • Connecting Firmware Tasmota to Microsoft IoT and IoT Central
  • Middleware in industry – Node-Red, MQTT Broker – all that stuff from Cloudrail or welotec
  • IO-Link Sensors from ifm with Cloudrail Edge Gateways
  • Connecting LoraWAN and sigfox Sensors to Azure IoT
  • Connecting OPC-UA, S7, IO-Link, modbusRTU, modbusTCP

We recently did a “Experts Live Austria” conference In-Person only 😉 on June 29th! So join us also as a new Speaker!

Here my Microsoft MVP profile page:

stay tuned…